at Emons since 2016

"Emons doesn't leave its apprentices alone."


Thi Thuy Duong Vu had never heard of the name Emons when she found out about the company in 2016, while looking for an apprenticeship. The Berlin native started working at Emons as an apprentice a short time later, was taken on as a forwarding and logistics services agent after successfully completing her apprenticeship and is today part of the sales team at the Berlin Grossbeeren branch.


When did you know that you wanted a career in logistics?

I've actually always been interested in logistics. After graduating from school, I went to university and studied business administration, but soon realised that it wasn't really my thing. However, I always found the logistics subjects very interesting and so I looked into the topic a little more intensively, ultimately decided to do the apprenticeship and was then fortunate enough to end up at Emons. After two try-out-days and a job interview, I knew that this was where I wanted to do my apprenticeship.

What does your workday in sales look like now after having completed your apprenticeship?

I work with numbers a lot, for example, setting the daily prices and compiling the rates for new customers. I’m in touch with customers every day, I explain the processes to new customers and discuss the current deliveries with existing customers. It’s often quite funny because you quickly get to a more private and personal level with many customers and start talking on first name terms and asking how their weekend was. It's great. And even when things get more serious, we always find a solution that works for our customers.


But why Emons?

The atmosphere at Emons is a very familiar one when you consider that we are a large, global logistics company. I immediately felt at home here, both in the export department and with the guys in the warehouse. Of course, the work comes first here too and the tone is sometimes a little tougher as a shipping company, but it's all still very human here. For example, we’re quickly on first name terms and get a lot of appreciation and recognition for our work, in no matter which department.

And what about from the perspective of an apprentice?

You’re in really good hands here as an apprentice. You get a lot of support and always have a contact person if there are ever any problems at school. There’s also special tutoring offered in the company. Emons doesn’t leave its apprentices alone and is very keen to ensure that everyone gets through the apprenticeship well. And thanks to our apprentice days, where we, for example, go bowling or climbing together, we also get to have fun and spend time with each other.