at Emons since 2011

"It never gets boring."


Senol was working at Cologne/Bonn Airport and kept seeing the distinctive red Emons trucks; that was reason enough for him to find out more about the company and ultimately apply. In 2011, he started as an apprentice and is now employed in the operations department of Euronational Scheduled Services. During his free time, he does weights or finds the right balance by occasionally sketching comics and landscapes with pencil or charcoal. The Cologne native is also a passionate cook and self-declared family man, which means he fits in very nicely at Emons.


What does a workday at Emons look like?

After my apprenticeship as a forwarding and logistics services agent, I was taken on permanently by Emons and I’m now responsible for vehicles and shipments on a daily basis, for example, I prepare the tours and am in constant contact with our drivers, partner companies and other Emons branches. We work in two shifts; the early shift takes care of the preparation and data entry and the late shift handles the actual processing and handling. There’s always something going on in our office; I love it, it never gets boring. And still, there’s always time for a quick chat among colleagues.


So there’s a good spirit among colleagues?

Oh definitely! The familiar environment had me convinced from day one. We're good work mates, but we've also definitely become friends. I like the fact that we often have a fixed team for years, because there’s hardly any fluctuation here. But when someone new does come along, they always get a warm welcome. And we also have a great relationship with our boss; even when something goes wrong. Errors are discussed calmly and no one hurls accusations around. After all, mistakes are there to be learned from and that's why you really get a lot of freedom here. To be honest, I've been here for over seven years now and I can't remember a single day when there was ever any yelling here or any day when I didn't enjoy coming to work.

How has the advanced training situation been over the years?

We have an in-house academy that offers many training courses that are definitely worthwhile. For example, I’ve taken courses on communication and hazardous materials. Although I've already been with the company for a number of years, I was still able to learn many new things and continue to develop.

Do you have any anecdotes from working here that you like to remember?

A situation comes to mind with a former apprentice colleague who was probably known to everyone in the company at the time. He overheard a conversation that one of our bosses was having with a customer about football and then proceeded to ask the customer, in his usual "casual" tone and vocabulary, whether he could also get him some tickets for a match. That sort of thing really only happens at Emons.