at Emons since 2002

"You have to have experienced Emons."

Sascha is the manager warehouse of the Magdeburg branch; his story at Emons began as an intern. That's why the 33-year-old knows exactly what it takes to have a career at Emons and he’s happy to pass this knowledge on to new apprentices. And his family and his child are not merely the other half of his work-life balance, but also a major undertaking, because Sascha doesn’t only like to assume responsibility at work, but also at home.


How would you describe work in the logistics industry?

If you're looking for change and diversity, then you've come to the right place in logistics. Even though we have roughly the same processes every day, there’s always something new happening: sometimes it’s a traffic jam or something has gone wrong somewhere, we’re always transporting different goods and there’s never a dull moment. The industry has become very fast-paced and today's customers have higher demands, which makes it quite challenging. But I wouldn’t want to do anything else, because you have so many opportunities here and you can achieve anything if you really want it and put your mind to it.


So Emons is the right call if you’re looking for advancement opportunities?

Oh definitely! After doing an internship at Emons, I started my apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist in 2002 and was taken on as a full hire in 2005. A year later, I was made deputy shift manager and recently I was appointed manager warehouse. If you do a good job and are eager to learn, you get responsibility early on at Emons. That can be seen by the fact that almost all our managers are homegrown. The branch manager here has also always been at Emons.

What else do you really like here?

Above all, the working atmosphere is just perfect here. We in the warehouse are already a tight-knit group and so it was important to me that we stayed in touch, even though I'm the manager now. Being the manager doesn’t make me any better than anyone else. Our cafeteria here in Magdeburg is also quite special, with really good food for little money. We don’t get bored outside of work either. We have a running group, football and volleyball tournaments, and truly legendary Christmas parties. You have to have experienced Emons.

Who should apply to Emons?

Open-mindedness is a vital asset, because there are always new things to learn here. And every employee should also be willing to sweep the hall and keep things in order. As a bit of a tidiness freak, everything also has to be tidy for me, but above all as a safety aspect and we attach great importance to the health of our employees.