at Emons since 2015

"I really couldn't do anything."


Peter Weiß joined the warehouse team in Berlin Grossbeeren in 2015 as a classic newcomer to the industry. Although he had a forklift licence, he had no experience whatsoever in logistics; the then 40-year-old seized the opportunity chance and is now a vital part of the Emons team. The father of two daughters picks up the necessary physical fitness through sports and has been an avid martial artist for 30 years.


How does a career changer end up at Emons?

I was actually offered retraining as a warehouse worker at Emons through the employment agency. As a factory worker, who previously only had to “push buttons”, this was a real opportunity. I wanted to do something more challenging, where you also have to use your head. So, I came to Emons and started from scratch, I really couldn't do anything. I had a forklift licence, but working here was a whole different level to anything I'd done before.

I don't think I was much use to the company in the beginning, but they still gave me a chance and I'm very grateful for that.

What sort of things do you have to do in the warehouse?

We work in four shifts that change every week. My day consists mainly of loading and unloading trucks with the forklift. But I also do everything else that has to be done in the warehouse, like tidying up or looking up driver lists. It’s just right for me and I love my job. Even more so when I remember what I was doing at the beginning: taking out the trash and stacking pallets.

Today I work in the Export department and have responsibilities. It's great that Emons has put their trust in me, because I want to be a top performer for the company.


A good team spirit is just as important as having interesting things to do; tell us a little about the social side at Emons?

We’re a great team and get on really well together, also with our boss. Mr. Emons sometimes helps out, is always friendly and easy to talk to. Although it’s his name on the building, he’s still down to earth and you can talk to him like any other person. At Emons they care about their employees, also their private lives; and that’s not to be taken for granted.

What do you need to succeed at Emons?

Emons is the perfect place for anyone who’s looking for a challenge and doesn’t want a boring, monotonous job. Everyone gets a real chance here; you just have to want it and be able to push yourself. They will do the rest and teach you everything you need to know. In return you get a great job; and last but not least, we just look great in our red work clothes and red trucks, and that cool logo. I have to admit, it does make me a bit proud.