at Emons since 2001

"You're not just a number here."


Jeannette has been part of the Emons family since 2001; first as an apprentice and now as a member of the sales team. When she's not working on customer orders in the office or in the field, she likes to dance hip-hop and jazz, do Zumba and take care of her cat; or, when the weather is nice, enjoy the sunshine outdoors.


Be honest now, why Emons of all places?

It was actually pure coincidence; after getting my vocational baccalaureate, I wanted to do an apprenticeship as a forwarding and logistics services agent, and then go on to study something at university. I then found the apprenticeship I was looking for at Emons in Cologne. I was able to get an insight into all the departments and learn an awful lot, and in the end, I liked it here so much because of the good atmosphere and exciting projects, that I decided I didn't want to go to university anymore and would prefer to continue working here.


A change in plan, so to speak; what happened next?

As I mentioned, I’d been through the various departments during my apprenticeship – bookkeeping, accounting, sales, etc. – and had had the chance to get to know the different departments. I particularly liked the in-house sales department, and so when I was offered the position before finishing my apprenticeship, I didn't have to think for long. I love the interaction with the customers and also like working with figures in calculations. I was able to continue my education internally in recent years and now spend half my time in the field and the other half in the office; it's the ideal blend for me and the way I enjoy it best.

What makes Emons different to other forwarding companies?

You’re not just a number here, simple as that. Everyone knows your name and even though we’ve grown a lot in recent years and now have many more colleagues, we’re still a real family-run business. And you can really feel that in our daily work and interactions.

So it’s safe to say you’ve been happily employed for so many years?

Oh absolutely! Everything is just perfect here for me at the moment; there are many interesting tasks and I love advising our customers and even more, turning prospective customers into new customers. Our in-house academy still offers me many opportunities to develop further, even after all these years. What more could you want? Plus, my colleagues are just great; we also meet privately, go out together and even go on holiday together.