at Emons since 2015

"I really have a dream job at Emons"


Haval is a true all-rounder: He’s not only a great truck driver, but also quite nifty on the business side of things, which is why he works both in the cab and the office at Emons, and has found himself the perfect blend of dream job. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his two sons: swimming in the Sieg River or pursuing other hobbies.


It all started with a try-out-day, didn’t it?

That’s right, after finishing school, I worked part-time at a large logistics company. So, I already had a taste of the industry and I really liked the job, but in the end, I just didn’t feel at home there. Then one day, by chance, I came across an ad online that Emons was looking for apprentice drivers and so I applied right away. I got a reply almost immediately and was invited to a try-out-day. And I ended up getting and signing my apprenticeship contract almost as quickly as I got the reply to my application.


What was it like being an apprentice?

I quickly noticed that they do lot for their apprentices here and that the company was generally very social. When I applied, I was 25 years old; many companies prefer to have younger apprentices, but that wasn't a problem at Emons, it was the commitment that counted here. I also thought it was great that I got to see how things work in the warehouse and what the dispatchers do during my apprenticeship. That allowed me to get to know another side of the company and make contacts in other departments from the start.

The apprenticeship has since ended; was being taken on permanently the logical next step?

Being taken on permanently was like winning the lottery for me. I’ve always wanted to have a job like this; it’s literally been my dream since I was a child and I was able to fulfil that dream at Emons. The company offers many a perspective and is also open to individual solutions to accommodate us employees. And last but not least, the way we treat each other is very informal and human. People know each other and are on a first name basis. You’re not just a number or "the driver", but part of the team.

What is it that you really like about your current job?

Above all, that there is so much variety. Sitting in an office all day wouldn't be for me. The view from behind the steering wheel of a truck, two metres up in the air is just incredible. It’s my absolute dream job and offers huge variety. Plus, the fact that I have fixed working hours and can spend my evenings at home with my family. That’s a major plus point, especially when you have kids.