at Emons since 2015

"A great offer"


Anna-Lisa recently successfully completed her apprenticeship as a forwarding and logistics services agent at Emons and is now part of the sales team. During her free time, the Cologne native likes to photograph landscapes, especially when she’s travelling. She is particularly fond of islands such as Ibiza, Malta and Hawaii.


How did you come up with the idea to do an apprenticeship in logistics?

I would probably never have thought of it myself. I always wanted to work in an office and after getting my vocational baccalaureate in commerce, my father suggested that I look for a logistics company because it's a growing industry.


Looking back, how did the apprenticeship go? Were all your expectations fulfilled?

To be honest, I had been expecting something entirely different. What you tend to read about the job on the Internet doesn’t match what I experienced at Emons at all. The apprentices here switch departments every three months. That allows you to get to know everything and by the end, you know which department suits you and where you can imagine working in the future – and also, where not. Sometimes you don't even have a department on your radar before you get there. That's how it was with me and the sales department. In my opinion, it’s such a great and exciting department, and I’m so happy to have been taken on here, even if I do sometimes miss the apprenticeship days a bit, because they really do a lot to help the apprentices here.

So you’re saying apprentices have it good at Emons?

Oh definitely! I always liked going to school and we also had regular in-house lessons here in the company, an hour and a half long and usually on a fixed day of the week. It’s a great offer. In addition, the whole community aspect just plays a major role at Emons. Among other things, we had a school trip to Hamburg paid for by the company and there are regular get-togethers where we, for example, have a barbecue together or just spend time together.

What exactly does a sales team do?

One of my main responsibilities is calculating the daily prices. Regular customers usually get a fixed price, but in the case of new customers or customers who only occasionally order from us, the prices change daily, depending on the season and demand. So of course I have a lot of direct interaction with customers and, for example, can also ask why if an offer is rejected. Sometimes my colleagues also have to hold me back a little, because, depending on what the customers say, it's not always easy to stay friendly. But the customer is king and I definitely like working with numbers and tables.